alienHero - Feature full, high quality DVRs

alienHero in hand

The alienHero DVR has all the feature you need in a DVR. With built in Instant Detective - Video Analytics helping you to locate the footage you require in seconds, full alarm inputs so you can trigger it with PIRs and a easy to use menu system allowing setup and configuration of the DVR to be a breeze.

To help make setting up the DVR for networking the alienHero has Dynamic DNS built in and also has AutoPort “Plug-and-Play” allowing the DVR to automatically configure plug and play routers.

The alienHero boasts top quality recording and playback of images, recording in real-time at D1 on all channels; for example the 16ch DVR records 400fps at D1. For even higher quality, check out the alienHero HD DVR which can record at 20x the quality of an ordinary DVR (720 @ 25fps and 1080p @ 12fps) to give you outstanding recording quality.

Easy Interface - Learn it in Minutes!
All Heros now have our new, ultra easy to use BlueDisc menu system. With its clear and simple layout it's easy to navigate and find all the features the alienHero has to offer.
Instant Detective Finds Footage Fast
Instant Detective searches through video recordings stored on the DVR for movement in a particular area so you can find out what happened in seconds without trawling through hours of footage. Once you have found the footage you want, you can even tag it with meaningful words such as “theft” or “incident 1” to make future retrieval even easier.
HDMI, Composite & VGA Outputs - Use All 3 at Once
The alienHero's HDMI output provides a crystal clear, high definition image and works simultaneously with the standard BNC composites video outputs and the VGA output.
VoiceOff Ready for 2-Way Talkback - Even Remotely!
Using the VoiceOff alarm activated audio warning unit you can playback up to 9999 pre-recorded audio files to welcome visitors or warn off intruders. It even works as a talkback amplifier. For more information visit:
Mobile Phone
Using the latest generation of Smart phones, live CCTV images can be viewed from the alienHero and the Phone Connect software even allows Pan Tilt control of compatible PTZ cameras. iPad, iPhone & Android apps are available for free.
Multi Channel Playback
Operators can see what happened where and when using the DVR's multi-channel playback feature to view up to 16 cameras at once on the same screen! The alienHero even allows synchronised playback so it's easy to watch the build up to an event on multiple cameras at once.
Email Notification
alienHero sends an email with 3 JPEG attachments showing the “activated” CCTV camera image taken before, during and just after the alarm event occurs.
Network & Remote Monitoring
The CCTVWindow remote monitoring software is supplied free with the DVR so the user can connect to the alienHero from anywhere in the world and watch live or recorded images on a standard PC or laptop!You can also connect with smart phones and tablets with our free apps.
Electronic Mapping
eMaps can be embedded into the superb CCTV Window software to enable the user an easy way to select and see images from a camera in a simple and intuitive graphical user interface.
AutoPort Plug-and-Play for Fast Internet Setup
AutoPort removes all the hassle and complication from setting up port forwarding. AutoPort “Plug-and-Play” means the DVR can automatically configure compatible routers for you making internet setup easier than ever before.
Built-In Help Documents
Each alienHero features built-in help documents accessible to the operator at all times to help reduce callouts. The ‘How To’ guides are easy to access and include tutorials on how to export footage, setup remotely, schedule recordings and many more functions.
FREE!Dynamic DNS Setup
The alienHero range comes with free DNS service making the Hero even better value as it saves you time and money.
Easy USB Backup
Once recorded on the HDD, recordings can be grouped for fast backup onto an external USB drive. Footage is easy to retrieve using the free CCTV Window software to backup files over a network or over the internet onto a different PC.
Intelligent Recording
The alienDVR range has an intelligent alarm recording function that allows any camera channel with video motion detection set up to have a background recording frame rate and an alarm recording frame rate.
Comprehensive HDD Management
HDD management allows critical cameras to be allocated certain drives for recording. For example, a key camera overlooking a till can be allocated 1 drive for its recording whilst remaining cameras can be left with the remaining drive to share. This means the till camera has an extended recording period before it will overwrite - ideal!
Hardwired Alarm Inputs
Hardwired alarm inputs on every channel i.e. 8ch alienHero has 8 inputs. Great for PIRs or door contact activation.
Kontrol & Kommand Timed Relay Interface
The alienHero range works with the Kontrol & Kommand relay module to control up to 8 separate devices. Easily control 3rd party electrical devices such as heating or air-con systems.