Alien MaxPix Specification

alien MAXPix DVR

The MaxPIX has many additional hardware features over the MegaHero so it can suit more demanding commercial applications such as longer recording capability and more flexible connectivity. With extra inputs and outputs, dual zone talk back and more, the MaxPix is a good choice if you think your customer may want more features in future like external HD storage.

Equipped with a high-end built in PSU rather than an external one and an industry standard rack mountable 19" case, the MaxPix is a good choice for server room installations. For very high-end server room installs you should also consider the alien MaxPix+ which even has dual LAN inputs for superior networking performance and security.

MAXPix Vital Stats:

  • 16 Channels
  • Up to 24TB (4x 6TB)
  • Up to 4 HDD
  • 4 Audio Inputs
  • 16 Alarm Inputs
  • Up to 16 Analogue or IP Cameras
  • 2 additional IP Cameras
  • 4 Alarm Output
  • 720p @ 25fps

alien MAXPix
alien MAXPix front panel
alien MAXpix rear panel